Malvina - New Single “Thanatos”


On ‘Thanatos’ the band associates the 2016 coup d’etat in Brazil, the Bolsonaro government, and pandemics with the Freudian concept of the death drive.
“Thanatos” is a heavy punk-rock song blended with elements of metal. It depicts the darkest moment of the Brazilian 2016 coup d’état follow-up: the covid-19 pandemic amid socioeconomic disintegration, under the Bolsonaro regime.

The concomitance of plagues—coup, fascism and a pandemic with its implications—are associated with the predominance of the death instinct.

There are, in “Thanatos”, references to key moments of recent Brazilian history, such as the exaltation of colonel Ustra (a torturer of the Brazilian military dictatorship era) by Bolsonaro in the house of representatives during his voting speech for the impeachment of president Dilma Rousseff, moreover, the arrival of a pandemic and the threats of a new dictatorship as the government response to the protests about its failed management of the crisis.
The darkness of a ruined nation is depicted throughout the lyrics, as a reflex of the whole process.

Definition of Thanatos

Thanatos is the god of death in Greek mythology.
In psychology, Sigmund Freud wrote that societies and their individuals are driven by two primary instincts, Eros and Thanatos.
The life instinct, Eros, is the pursuit of love, nurture, preservation and protection, while Thanatos, the death instinct, is driven by fear, hatred and violence, and it seeks the dissolution of all living things, including us, ourselves.
Human existence would be an eternal battle between these two instincts, in which, at any given moment, one of them is ascendant.

Brazil and the Death Instinct

In our recent history, Brazil started flirting with death instinct in 2013, when class hatred is instrumentalized and gets coalesced by right-wing forces, under US imperialist designs, in an orchestrated attack on the Workers Party government.

Bolsonaro’s movement is, on a large scale, a byproduct of the criminalization campaign against the Workers Party by the Car Wash Operation with the US Department of State, which through a partnership with hegemonic media got its corruption accusations systematically broadcasted in a hybrid war strategy.
The putschist crusade, beyond biding the reactionary sector of Brazilian society, generated a massive disillusionment towards the whole political class.
A discredit that, fused with resentment, hopelessness, revolt and class hatred, paved the way for the alternative that was falsely alleged to be anti-system.
The far-right represented by Bolsonaro knew how to use these bitter feelings. Appealing to be a revolutionary and anti-political force, they would implement a neoliberal conservative program and try to eliminate all opposition.

Thanatos is ascendant: Social Crisis, Bolsonaro, Pandemics and Darkness

Bolsonaro brought back to the present the most traumatic period of Brazilian history, the military dictatorship, at the same time, stimulating rage, violence, sadism, the darker side of a resentful mass.
Brazil under Bolsonaro became self-destructive on all sides.
Amid a climate of war, rupture, decay and backtracking, we saw and lived in front of frightening images, from the shadows of the past dictatorship to the Amazon in flames.
The pandemics arrived in complete affinity with Bolsonarism.
In 2020, Thanatos was ascendant as never before, taking us in record numbers, under the indifference, without assistance, in the bleakness of the tragedy.
The single seeks to transmit the despair and the grim trait of this moment.


The single will be released by Xaninho Discos
Originally from Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro, the band is made up of the twin brothers Vini (vocals and bass) and Berman (vocals and guitar), and Renato (drums). Their influences, alongside the “ABC” of punk and hardcore, take in prog and metal bands, it explains the sound they have refined over the years. The trio have released two full albums and some EPs along the way. The latest record, ‘Hybrid War’, came out in the first half of 2019 and was distributed by record labels from Europe, the USA, Canada, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Eurasia. Its tracks address the circumstances that led to the 2016 State coup, the destruction of national industry, and the rise of fascism in Brazil. The band draws on the concept of Hybrid War developed by the political analyst Andrew Korybko to speak out about the strategic machinations behind the criminalization of the Workers’ Party, the use of propaganda to create schisms in society, and the destruction of the multipolar projects that were designed to give Brazil greater autonomy in its economic policies. The album has reached the top of some best of 2019 lists including the Skatepunkers Award. Having played all over Brazil along 2019, Malvina was planning to hit Europe in 2020, which wasn’t possible due to Covid. The band is now working on a new album, and returns to the stage on November.