The Van Pelt "Image Of Health"

New York City cult indie darlings The Van Pelt have released "Image Of Health" the next single off their upcoming fourth studio full-length, titled 'Artisans & Merchants,' which will be released March 17 by Spartan Records in North America, La Castanya in Europe/World and Gringo in the UK.

The album (the band's first in over 25 years) was recorded and mixed in Summer / Fall 2021 by Jeff Zeigler (The War On Drugs, Kurt Vile) at Uniform Recording in Philadelphia, PA, and features guest appearances by Nate Kinsella and Ted Leo among others.

Frontman Chris Leo says, "I'm a middle-aged man now. Straightforward, cutting to the point dialogue speaks much more to me than circuitous lofty rants. I knew a lot when I was young and what I didn't know I wasn't afraid to propose as arguments in unwinnable fights for the sake of pushing discourse into novel realms. Now that I'm halfway through a century though, there's been this need in me to touch home base, revisit basic tenets with wiser eyes and a worldview humbled by it being smashed to pieces over and over again. So many of my modern lyrics need no Cliff's Notes. They are so clear and direct that they only require the listener to bring their own humble vulnerability to the table as well. Addressing these lifelong elephants in the room feels more apt to me at this stage in life than dissecting astrophysics." With that folks, we give you "Image of Health", a song whose lyrics are explained in the lyrics themselves."

Pre-order 'Artisans & Merchants' in the Spartan Records store https://spr.tn/thevanpelt and on Bandcamp https://thevanpelt.bandcamp.com.