The Poison Arrows - Crime and Soda

The Poison Arrows
The Poison Arrows

“Mercurial Moments Erased” opens The Poison Arrow’s upcoming fifth album Crime and Soda, with one of the Chicago trio’s quintessential obtuse lock groove constructions. Featuring former members of Don Caballero, Thumbnail (Numero), and Atombombpocketknife, the band’s 90s-influenced moody telepathic musicianship sets the stage in the vein of FACS, Protomartyr, and Girls Against Boys for this tale of absorbing unpredictable changes in a loved one’s temperament and finding solace in deleting it from one's own memory bank.

Crime and Soda will be released on June 16 2023 on Vinyl and Digital formats via Los Angeles based label Solid Brass Records.

“When we started playing together after the Covid lockdown, this was in the first batch of songs we started writing. The song fell into place quickly and naturally and was the clear choice to open the album. The guitar, bass, and drums lock right into what I perceive to be our sound at this point after years of playing together, then the track deviates into some interesting directions highlighting different ideas and instruments. I lived out in the middle of the woods for most of the pandemic with my wife and two dogs, so I had a lot of time to reflect. The name and lyrics came from those heady times, and finding solace in forgiving and forgetting people’s negative actions and energy.”

Justin Sinkovich, The Poison Arrows