MaveriX release cowpunk debut single Sweet Alberta on Rocketman Records

Cowboys, prairies, flannels... and a dose of punk rock guitars. That's what MaveriX's cowpunk is all about. The band formed in the middle of the Rural Park South Milan in 2022, but already boasts an intense live show schedule, and is now getting ready to release their debut single Sweet Alberta on 14th June 2023 on Rocketman Records.

Sweet Alberta is the perfect representation of MaveriX's sound, combining a typical Californian punk rock-style energy and melodies in the verses with a dive bar singalong chorus and country-western riffs. A modern sound that also nods to legendary bands such as Social Distortion and Creedence Clearwater Revival and makes for a fierce live rendition.

While the listener might be at first tricked into thinking the song is about a love story that didn't end well, a more careful listen reveals the lyrics deal with nostalgia for far-away places and times. The song title itself is a nod to the Canadian province of the same name (whose shape is also depicted in the artwork), where the prairies and their cowboys meet the Rocky Mountains, where the uninhabited wilderness meets modern cities and shiny skyscrapers. The band drew inspiration for the song from real-life experiences, since singer and guitarist Niccolò lived in Calgary, Alberta.