Solitude Sometimes Is

South London act “Solitude Sometimes Is” releases debut single “You Left Early”
Solitude Sometimes Is, the new project from South London musician Owen James, has released its debut single “You Left Early” via No Distance Records.

The garage-punk tune is laced with a brassy horn section, which means the energetic song is bursting with melody.

Owen said: “I was listening to a lot of old Sixties pop with big brass sections when I wrote this, and I wanted to take that trumpet sound and add it to a punchy, hectic, New Wave vibe.”

“You Left Early” is taken from Solitude Sometimes Is’ upcoming album “Float”, — set to be released in September.

While Owen recorded most of the album himself, he had a special guest play the drums — Alex Reeves, the drummer with Elbow who has also played for Bat for Lashes, Bobby Womack and many other amazing musicians.

“Working with Alex was insane. For a start, no one that cool should also be that good at music. Secondly, he transformed the songs, taking them into places I hadn’t thought of.
‘You Left Early’ is one that really benefitted from having him on, as he gave it such a raw energy.”

The song itself is inspired by the book ‘You Left Early: A True Story of Love and Alcohol’, in which writer Louisa Young documents what it was like being in love with an alcoholic.

“As someone who has given up drinking, I found this book a sobering description of what it’s like for those on the other side, so it was a huge influence on creating this tune,” said Owen.