Moonraker's Single + Video "Fireman"

"The Michael Jordan of Baseball of Punk Rock" - the tongue-in-cheek descriptor has been Moonraker’s calling sign for over a decade. David Green (Drums/Vox), Nick Schambra (Vox/Bass) and Matt Sampson (Guitar) describe the slogan as meaning that perhaps they might excel more at something else, but this is the playing field they happen to be on so they should swing for it anyway.

The Los Angel-ish 3-piece has been touring the country extensively since it’s inception. Numerous grueling and ill-advised winter tours through the midwest early on eventually led to more comfortable climate jaunts across the US and into Canada, Mexico, Japan and the UK. Their brand of reference-heavy, heart-on-your-sleeve melodic punk speaks to an audience of like-minded individuals just dying to feel seen or understood. So, you know, exactly like Michael Jordan or whatever.

“Fireman” to me, is about the overwhelming feeling of things piling up beyond your control. Thinking, “If just ONE domino could fall in my favor, then maybe the other 60 might follow suit.” But when you try to topple that domino, it just catches fire instead. It’s about the line between you and the fire blurring a little. Is everything I touch going up in flames because I’m on fire or is it because I AM fire? With a couple shoutouts to Jawbreaker, Alkaline Trio and Jimmy Buffet thrown in for good measure. Our friend Anthony Elliott completely crushed it on the video too!”

Moonraker "Fireman" video: