Sky Lions - Inside The Circle

Portland-based music mavericks Sky Lions present their animated video for 'Werewolves' with animalistic flavour, lifted from their recently released debut album 'Inside The Circle'. This nine-track offering presents a powerful blend of post-punk with alternative and hard rock.

Made up of Radio Sloan and Outer Stace, Sky Lions is a project with roots that trace back to when the two met as children at a summer day camp in Oregon. Beginning to play music together in their mid-teens, the two enjoy an almost psychic ability to communicate with one another musically, creating music that inspires them and is inspired by one another's vibrancy during the writing process, the world around them, and trust in each other’s vision. 

"Werewolves, in part, is about the idea of shifting from our outer selves to our inner selves, the fleeting peace that can bring; transformation and adaptation...So, the art direction possibilities were pretty endless. It was a lot of fun to create the different versions of ourselves that we could be. Also, I love to find creative tech and new tools. So, discovering the tools along with what is now a growing process, was so fun. I guess I'd say that the video, like the album, is a basement born exercise in artist freedom," says Outer Stace.

"It's like a metamorphic reality of death and the future. It feels like things we've seen," says Radio Sloan. "Our sound is that of accepting existence for all its flaws. Sky Lions has a darkness that isn't entirely heavy metal, post-punk or darkwave. Rather, it’s a culmination of who we have been, who we currently are, and how we interpret the world around us. Moving within that world is the core of our musical expression.

From early days experimenting with instruments to their evolution into Sky Lions, they've carved a niche where innovation, music, feminism, Trans/queer identity and horror come together. Sky Lions weaves together the threads of life's absurdity, unquestionable magic and tragedy. Their trans / queer / feminist lens adds a relatability of lives lived and times to come, creating an immersive sonic journey that challenges the mind and ears. Through genre-blurring compositions and evocative lyrics, they hope to channel their ethos into a call for transformation ! They hope that their songs challenge stereotypes, and ignite conversation.

"Neither of us have worked so hard on a musical project in our lives. Life does what life will do, and while we started out making music together as teenagers, our paths took different turns in our adult lives, though we never lost touch. Radio is a prolific songwriter and I will write on anything with a surface when a lyric comes to mind. Together, we decided it was time to make what we wanted to make and how we wanted to make it," says Outer Stace.

"The expectations of others were not a consideration for us when we recorded this album. It was an exorcism, a purging of sounds and words we had not previously had the capacity for, as it is such a complex project. Today, we are ready and have poured our love, freely expressed ideas and the deepest parts of our souls into the writing, production, artwork for this record."

While half of the genre bending, post-punk art rock queercore duo The Need, Radio Sloan also has a colorful history that includes being the guitarist in Courtney Love’s touring band The Chelsea, and also in Scarling and Peaches' live band The Herms. While releasing music as a solo artist, Radio Sloan has also been involved in numerous other artists' projects, including contributing guitar for Le Tigre, co-writing for The Transfused and composing music for soundtracks and scores, including 'The Herstory of Riot Grrrl'.