VOODOO BEACH - Immer noch

"IMMER NOCH is probably the only true love song on the album. Well... what does "true" mean anyway? It emerged after a breakup, of course, but the song doesn't tell the story from the classical perspective of the abandoned one. Instead, it narrates from the rather unusual viewpoint of the one doing the leaving.

There's certainly something cynical and maybe even deeply immoral about having to listen to the self-pitying lyrical self; to sense how much it struggles with the decision without being able to truly admit it, to feel how much it longs to be loved despite everything — and to realize that it can't let go, in the fear of ending up, in the end — completely alone."

Being two years in the making, Wonderful Life is a natural extension of the group’s signature blend of indie rock, jangle pop and neo-psychedelia, while the extended time of writing and recording allowed the band to add an inspiring degree of depth to their sound. They say the devil is in the details, but voodoo is in the constant war drums that resonate in the night sky. The resolution of VOODOO BEACH carries through in every vibration of their music and these tracks are a testament to their lasting creativity and collaboration. Wonderful Life is a bildungsroman of sorts about a band that was meant to meet its untimely demise, but lucky for us all VOODOO BEACH are still at it with this amazing record.