Mad Caddies - Palm Trees and Pines

Mad Caddies
Mad Caddies

The Mad Caddies are one of the leading bands in ska and reggae punk. Their long career has taken them to all corners of the world. Now the time has come for the Caddies to travel to new shores with the release of their new album ‘Arrows Room 117’ which is being released jointly by SBÄM Records (Europe) and 55 Rose Reccords (USA). ‘Arrows Room 117’ is the band’s first album since 2018’s “Punk Rocksteady.”

SBÄM has recently just made with their biggest festival to date and work on a 90s punk rock documentary, and has already managed bands like Pulley in their roster. Together with 55 Rose Records, an Orange County-based music label founded by John Barrett, they sign the eighth Mad Caddies Album for 2024.

‘Palm Trees & Pines’ is a classic feel-good Caddies number that’s “been proven to get the kids moving,” says the band. The timeless melodies and dynamic rhythmic punches make it a shoo-in for the first single off ‘Arrows Room 117’.

“Palms and Pines encompasses all things California that I hold dear.”, says singer and band founder Chuck Robertson.

“This album is very personal for me,” elaborates Robertson. “It represents 3 years of hard work back in the woodshed, while half the world stood still. During these strange times I tapped into a new source of creativity and shared new experiences with new friends and great musicians. This body of work and these songs showcase pain and betrayal, love and loss and the bright light of new beginnings.”