Ink Bomb releases new music video: Tough Cookie

The Dutch melodic punk rock band Ink Bomb releases a new song today: Tough Cookie. With this song, the foursome returns to the punk side of melodic punk rock: it’s an old-fashioned, explosive mosh track. However, Ink Bomb wouldn’t be Ink Bomb if they wouldn’t hide a teensy bit of melody in the song: the second verse has a dreamy synth sound, buried deep between the hardcore choruses.

The music video was shot by Sanne Nijenhuis and captures Ink Bomb as they feel the most in their element: giving their all on stage. Some parts were filmed in the legendary venue Willemeen in Arnhem.

If that wasn’t enough: Tough Cookie also features drummer Paul van de Geijn’s vocal solo debut: he starts the song by counting to four in Dutch, with a typical non-rhotic Nijmegen-style ‘r’ at the end of the word ‘vier’.

According to singer Joost Hoedemaeckers the song is about someone who is less and less able to handle the sorry state of the world. Things he loves are disappearing and he wants to escape from it all (‘In case of emergency, break glass’). Warning: don’t do a suicide quite yet! Just start by fighting back, with a little help from your friends. The artwork refers to the importance of friendship.

Tough Cookie is different from most other Ink Bomb songs and shows how much the band has changed since its carefree skate punk days in 2015. The second album, to be released in 2024, will contain more melancholy with many different influences, for example new wave, indie rock, and grunge.