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For Closure Releases New Single "Moon at Noon"
News · 13. Januar 2024
Frontman Gizz Lazlo (Dr. Know, U.K. Subs, The Freeze, Dead Lazlo’s Place) says, ""Moon at Noon" was written a few days after my dad's first major heart attack in May of 2018. I was sitting on my parent's porch while my dad lay in the hospital in a coma for 6 days. As I sat there confused and worried about what was going to happen, I needed to write something to calm my nerves a bit. Luis had sent me a demo that I'd listened to a few weeks prior. While I was listening to the music over and...

LA area punks For Closure have released the new single "Carousel" via Mindpower Records.
News · 21. Oktober 2023
Frontman Gizz Lazlo says, "Carousel" was written many, many years ago about a friend's relationship with his children. Having no children of my own I didn't understand how that could be. I didn't understand it. Although, I did see something very toxic in the relationships he had with them. One day, one of his kids spoke to me about how her father treated her at times, and it broke my heart. I wrote this song because of something she once said to me in front of her mother, that her relationship...