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News · 15. Dezember 2023
"She Wants More" ist eine Pop-Punk-Hymne mit Themen wie Angst, Liebe und dem Verzicht auf Logik. Aufgenommen und produziert mit Branchenlegende Cameron Webb, bringt She Wants More einen klassischen Pop-Punk-Vibe mit einem modernen Twist in der Produktion auf den Tisch.

Taken Days - Don't Take Me Home
News · 08. November 2023
"Don’t take me home is about that person who just will not let the party die. Listen to the contradicting verses between Corey and Brent as they debate between keeping the night going or suggesting that it's time to go home", says singer Brent Waterworth.

Taken Days - Least Of All You
News · 17. Oktober 2023
Taken Days is a melodic pop punk rock trio from Orange County, California. The band was established in 2017. After two EP releases, Taken Days’ debut full-length album “Every Second…” was released by Wiretap Records in March of 2021. With the collaboration of producer Cameron Webb, the album quickly gained momentum and created bigger opportunities and a larger following for the band.