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Oklahoma City Post-Hardcore Rockers Traindodge Release New Album 'The Alley Parade'
News · 22. September 2023
While the band’s collection of canonized albums have become required listening for every budding heavy band since the 90s, and their legacy of hundreds of shows (sharing stages with the likes of Mudhoney, Cursive, Avail, and Botch, to name a few) has impacted thousands, perhaps the biggest mystery surrounding Traindodge is how under-the-radar this band has flown throughout its prolific career. Whether it be a nod to the band’s integrity or an unwillingness to conform for commercial success,...

Traindodge Announce First New Album Since 2016
News · 08. Juli 2023
After two decades of timeless records, Oklahoma City’s Traindodge continues their post-hardcore dynasty with the release of their eighth LP, 'The Alley Parade', due out on September 22, via Spartan Records.