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Escape From The Zoo - new LP/Video
News · 02. Februar 2022
It’s very rare to find music that makes you think, feel and want to mosh simultaneously, but with Countin’ Cards, Escape From The Zoo has struck the perfect balance between all three. It’s something that the band – the louder, faster, punk project that Days N’ Daze’s Jesse Sendejas co-founded with his wife Veronica – has always done, but never quite to this extent. Much of that is down to the circumstances that led up to the recording of these nine songs – most obviously a...

Useless ID - Most Useless Songs
News · 23. April 2021
There’s something inherently futile about creating “best of” albums, which feels more futile the longer a band has been together. How do you accurately capture a band’s evolution, what makes them special? Maybe you don’t overthink it and just look at a set list.

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