Texas Terri

I’m a one-hit-wonder! sang Texas Terri ironisch und taucht in den Medien dennoch immer wieder in den verschiedensten Bereichen des Medienzierkusses auf. Die femme fatale des Punkrocks ist vielseitig interessiert, provoziert gerne und demonstriert auf der Bühne ihr Ego, welches sie pflegt und hegt wie ein eingetragenes Warenzeichen. Sie selbst ist ein Statussymbol, ist Musikerin, Haarstylistin, Model und Schauspielerin, lebt in Hollywood, Kalifornien, nahe des Sunset Boulevards.
In 37 Jahren hat sie als Underdog gelebt, immer auf der Suche nach einem Ziel, welches sie vorantreibt. Alkohol und Drogen waren ein wesentlicher Begleiter, um Erfolg und persönliche Niederlage zu kompensieren, aber auch, weil beide Komponenten einfach als Imagepflege anerkannt sind.

Texas T. mag es gar nicht gerne, wenn sie mit Terri angesprochen wird. Ihr Name ist ein gewünschtes Programm und demonstriert die Verwandlung einer Raupe in einen bunten Schmetterling oder auch das Abstreifen eines alten Mantels. So legt sie viel Wert auf die richtige Anrede und benennt auch gleich ein paar gute Gründe hierfür:
“My name is TEXAS TERRI not TERRI, I HATE being called TERRI, so stop calling me that, ok? Just for anyone who’s interested.
I have never once introduced myself as “Hi, i’m Terri”, now have I? Then why do people call me Terri when I introduce myself as “Texas Terri”? That is not my “stage” name, that is my fucking name. If you think it makes it more personal to call me Terri, then you do not know me very well because if you knew me well, you would know I HATE being called Terri. If my name was Anna Maria, would you call me Maria? So here are a couple of other options if you are too embarrassed or lazy to call me Texas Terri….Double T, or just plain T, T squared, Texas T, T. Terri, Texas Terror, Texas Fucking Terri, Terri Bomb, or one of my faves, TXT, or Angelina Jolie’s way which is to just call me Texas. When I moved to Los Angeles, I was not even in a band so it’s not a stage name The story behind the name is this: when I moved here to L.A., people insisted on calling me Terrible Terri. I told them that was not a good idea because there was already a Terrible Terri that lived in Houston. She got her name because she had stabbed her boyfriend. I in no way wanted to be confused with this Terrible Terri….so then people were calling me Tattooed Terri. Yes, believe it or not, I was one of the few females that had tattoos back in the day before they got so trendy….well, I didn’t really like that one either, so I decided Texas Terri would be catchy and a conversation starter since I had just moved to L.A. To be quite honest, it was a great name to start conversations when I first moved here but it was a terrible name for when I started a band because then people that did not know me thought I was country or rockabilly so did not come and see my band until they finally figured out that I was pure, sleazy, trashy rock & roll….and, guess what else? Terrible Terri came out to L.A. from Houston a few years after I had moved here…..she ended up ripping off a lot of people and staying in a crack hotel turning tricks right down the street from my house. That’s when I told people, “see! this is why I didn’t want you to call me Terrible Terri!”and if you are interested, TEXAS TERRI BOMB came from my love for Cherry Bomb…..and I suppose I could even add this, when I lived in my hometown Austin no one called me Terri, it was always Terri Laird…
Case Closed. Your ever loving, Texas Fucking Terri”

Jaha, wer selbst mal wegen gehänselt wurde, weiß, wie wichtig eine klare Postitionierung in der Öffentlichkeit ist. Wenn ihr Texas Terri mal beim Bäcker begegnet, immer schön die Form wahren. Umgangsformen sind ja schließlich auch im PunkRockKnigge ein verlässlicher Ratgeber für Situationen, in denen mensch gerne zum Volldeppen mutiert.
Mir ging es im anschließenden Inti weniger um die berufliche Karriere, als mehr um die persönliche Auseinandersetzung zum Thema “Feminismus im Punkrock”, wobei ich Texas T. mit meinen Fragen sichtlich angeregt habe, sich selbst mehr darüber zu informieren. Once upon a time…

 In den 90er Jahren gründeten sich Bands wie BIKINI KILL, TEAM DRESCH, BRATMOBILE, die ein klares musikalisches, persönliches und politisch motiviertes Ziel verfolgeten: eine anti-kommerzielle und non-profit-orientierte, anti-rassistische, anti-sexistische Perspektive zu präsentieren und promoten, Ideen entwickeln und umsetzen. Hast du dich für den “revolutionary girl style” interessiert oder hat dich das eher belustigt?
Texas T.: I thought it was a great movement and it accomplished a lot. I liked a lot of the music. I have never officially been a part of the riot grrrl movement, but I appreciate it…..there seems to be a resurgence of riot grrrl bands, for instance, Shiragirl out of New York. or So Unloved from San Antonio, Texas. My niece, Ce Ce plays guitar for this band and they are incredible, they have a cd out on SOS records now and just toured with The Adicts and will be touring the U.S. this fall with Vice Squad.

Es gibt ja eine pulsierende, vitale Queer/feminist Szene in San Francisco mit Bands wie FABULOUS DISASTER, TRIBE 8. Was geht in L.A.? Bist du mit dieser Szene vertraut und interessieren dich die politischen Inhalte und Aussagen?
Texas T.: I guess I never really think about these things….riot grrrl, queer, feminist…..I totally love and respect girl bands (or any bands) that have good songs, a strong front person, and good musicians….bands that make me feel something…..I believe in the women’s rights movement…..I think feminist can push things a little too far for my taste….which can be a real turn off…..and being politically correct is only good up to a point, past that point it becormes preachy anal…..i’m one of those people that believes in make your statement, don’t hurt others, treat people with respect, and have a good time doing it….

Weißt du, warum Bands, in denen Frauen spielen, härter arbeiten müssen, um akzeptiert zu werden?
Texas T.: It’s a man’s world but it’s all about pussy!….Here are a few things I have observed over time….I have heard a lot of stories from females about men in the music world wanting to help them, then when the girl won’t fuck the guy, the guys don’t want to help anymore, bad!
Some men in the music world are intimidated by strong women so won’t help them, but secretly want them madly…..There has always been the “boys club” thing which I find quite funny….I also find that women in the music world are generally more apt to want to help the boy bands because they want to fuck the boys in the bands, they rarely want to help female artist….But as I said before, if ya have a good band, you’re going to be accepted by fans and the fans are all that matter…..Heart and soul, baby!

Es gab aber ja starke Frauen, bevor das ganze “Riot Grrl”-Ding gestartet war: Wendy O. Williams, Joan Jett, Debbie Harry, Suzi Quatro, Patti Smith. Aber zuerst einmal war es wichtig geworden, eine soziale Revolution zu starten, um so auch das Rollenbild zu zerstören. Wann bist du denn ausgebrochen und hast deine konservativen Regeln hinter dich gelassen?
Texas T.: I never had conservative rules that I can remember….I think the above mentioned female artist just opened up the door for the “grrrl movement”….huge inspiration to us all…..I suppose in the “boys club” world there may have been a belief that girls couldn’t “rock” or play their instruments…I don’t know, I guess more and more girls got interested in being in bands, that’s a good thing.

Erinnerst du dich an deine Schulzeit? Hast du versucht, dich da anzupassen oder warst du eine krasse Außenseiterin?
Texas T.: Yeah, I do remember my school days!……Loved em…..I was always an outsider, always in my own world….I loved school mostly up until I turned 12 because all there was to do was play and I love to play. Then suddenly it was all about wearing dresses, panty hose, make up, etc. It became more social after that and that kind of bored me so I started drinking and doing drugs. When I was in the 7th grade, I won this contest I did not even know about being crowned “wittiest”. I did not even know anyone even knew who I was, that’s how outside I was. I did not even know people thought I was “witty”. The next year I was voted “most athletic”, again, a surprise to me. I was always a total tom boy, more interested in games with the boys instead of girly things. The last year of high school I was in the top 10f my class and I received a pin for it. I wore it on my shirt and everybody thought someone had lent it to me to wear as one of my jokes. When I told them that it was really awarded to me everyone was blown away. I was always so silly that they could not believe that I was a straight A student, but I was. I graduated a half a year early. I don’t know what I was thinking by doing that, why I was in such a hurry to get out of school, because then my Dad made me get a job and that sucked. I hated to work then and that has never changed. The day I turned 18, I moved out of my parents house. We were not getting along so it was a pretty sullen day. I have been on my own ever since. I went to college for a couple of years but dropped out because I preferred going to rock and roll shows, drinking, and doing drugs. I had started sneaking into clubs at the age of 15. The first local band I saw was Roky Erickson and the 13th Floor Elevators. Changed my life. Eventually I went to Hair Cutting School and became a Hairdresser which I stilll continue to do occasionally along with my other jobs as acting, when I can’t get acting parts, I just work as a background actor on tv, movies, commercials, and videos. I just had a modeling gig for the March issue of Italian Vogue. The pictures are up on my myspace pages in my pictures section. www.myspace.com/texasterri
I could go on with some other stuff but I’ll just try to stick to the rock and roll girl subject for now…..

Debbie Harry hat mal gesagt: “Women are going to be the new Elvis.” Denkst du, dass Frauen im Musik-Zirkus von den Medien heutzutage als Künstlerinnen anerkannt sind und nicht mehr als Sex-Objekte entwürdigt werden?
Texas T.: Women artist are taken more serious now but are still looked at as sex objects. I mean, come on, men will always be men. And there are women that look at women as sex objects also…the best example although she is an actor is Angelina Jolie. Both women and men lust after her, just ask around.

Denkst du auch, dass Frauen durch den zunehmenden Feminismus im Punkrock ernster wahr genommen werden? Was ist dein Part?
Texas T.: Hmmm, I just don’t know….I wish I was speaking to you in person so you could tell me your opinion on this. I personally am fans of the tougher female artists like Joan Jett. I don’t like the girly girl bands. Never have.

 Hey, TxT, all deine Faves sind Männer. Glaubst du, sie rocken besser? Kopierst du das männliche Herumposen auf der Bühne, ähnlich wie beispielsweise Mick Jagger’s catwalk?
Texas T.: A better way to put this would be favorite “front” people. I don’t really have idols. Well, except I do idolize my fans. Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop, Stiv Bators, Wendy-O Williams, James Brown, Lux Interior of the Cramps….I would have to say these are my favorites. They are all strong, dynamic performers that know how to move the audience….I don’t care what sex someone is as long as they move me…Excene Cervanca of X is another one, Patti Smith….Joan Jett is fucking great also. I have never really thought about people in bands as what sex they are concerning “who rocks harder”…..just move me and have good songs, that’s all there is to it…..
I must also mention that one of my earliest female influences, if not the earliest was Nancy Sinatra. Seeing the record cover with those white go-go boots and hearing “These Boots are Made for Walking” changed my life. I used to do that song when I had a band called Puss and Boots in Austin, Texas.
I never tried to copy anyone, I just move the way I move on stage, and sing the way I sing because of the way I feel. I have influences like anyone else but I am way too lazy to study their moves to copy them. I just do what I do and if people think I resemble someone else, so be it, I don’t really care. It’s hard enough to be in a band than to worry about what other people think. Either they like me or they don’t.

Du magst Marianne Faithful. Erzähl’ mir, was du an ihr schätzt?
Texas T.: She has always been the bad girl. Her earlier music was so very sweet which I think is so funny because she was out hanging with the Rolling Stones doing drugs and drinking. On her later records, she has such a gritty voice. “Broken English”, “I Feel Guilt”, and “Why’d Ya Do It” from that particular record (the title escapes me) are just so dirty and gritty. She has had such a hard life and keeps coming back stronger and stronger. And so many of the underground musicians, i.e. Nick Cave love her also. She is just an amazing woman with so much talent and charisma.

Fühlst du dich auf der Bühne besser, wenn mehr Frauen und Mädchen davor stehen und dich abfeieren?
Texas T.: I always feel safe on and off stage. I have nothing to fear. I love both the female and male fans. I do love that I have female fans that love and respect me. I feel very fortunate in that. I love when the female fans come up after the show and tell me that I am a role model for them, that they admire my strength and ability to express what I think and feel. To me that’s what it’s all about, being able to connect with the audience and move them and if I can somehow influence the females in the world to do the same, that is the coolest.
I also feel very fortunate that the female fans don’t get jealous or weird if their boyfriends love my show. I have had many women come up to me and tell me that they were are my show because their boyfriends told them that they had to come and see me. And I have had males come up to me and tell me they came to my show because their girlfriends told them to come and see me. Pretty cool, huh? I think so! I have also had girls tell me their boyfriends love me but so do they, will I come home with them?

Bemerkst du dann Männer im Publikum, die dich gierig angaffen? Flirtest du mit deiner Macht oder stört dich das männliche Triebverhalten?
Texas T.: I never flirt with this behavior, in fact I roll my eyes at this. I love the fans, female or male that fix their eyes upon me because they find me to be a dynamic performer, once again, that I move them. I just ignore the males that put the sexual remarks or actions out there. No big deal.

Machst du eigentlich Sport? Und hast du Selbstverteidigung gelernt, um dich bspw. gegen aufdringliche Männer zu wehren?
Texas T.: I work out from time to time. I have never taken a self defense class or anything like that. I have not really had any problems with violent men and I hope I never do. And if I ever do, I guess I’ll do my best to defend myself or die trying. I don’t seem to attract violent men and that’s a good thing.

 Beschreib’ bitte mal Situationen, in denen du dich gegen übergriffige Männer erwehren musstest und welche Mittel du eingesetzt hast?
Texas T.: For some reason in the early years of my band I was sometimes compared to G.G. Allin. So every once in a while there would be a guy at my show trying to be G.G. and acting like an asshole so I would tell him to fuck off. They would apologize for the behavior telling me they thought I would be impressed by them because they had heard I was like G.G., but they found out I’m not at all like G.G….If a guy is violent against me, I just defend myself verbally and then just end the fight or walk away. I don’t have time for it. I really don’t think someone is going to beat me up.

Welche Verhaltensweisen machen dich krank?
Texas T.: Guys talking “guy talk” around me. Guys disrespecting women (which, to me, means they are also disrespecting themselves). Fighting really makes me sick. People that steal make me sick. Guys or girls cheating on their girlfriends or boyfriends makes me sick.

Fühlst du dich selbst sexy und erotisch?
Texas T.: I feel sexual but don’t go out of my way to exploit it. It’s just part of human nature to be sexual. I feel people should be responsible and not use it to entice people for the wrong reasons or they sometimes get more than they bargain for.

Frauen “müssen” schwanger werden, in der Küche arbeiten und den Mann versorgen…oder sie sind selbstbewusst, eigenständig und werden abfällig als Hure, asexuell und prüde fremd definiert. Zeigst du den Mädchen und jungen Frauen mit deinen Aktivitäten einen Weg aus ihrer Rolle auszubrechen?
Texas T.: Absolutely. I try to be a role model that shows how to be yourself, speak for yourself, do what you want but don’t hurt others, how to be
(Das Interview erschien in UNDERDOG #17, Herbst 2006)

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