V/A - United Worldwide!


United Worldwide! 7" incl. Downloadcode
Feine Sahne Fischfilet, Moscow Death Brigade, What We Feel und Los Fastidios setzen ein deutliches, solidarisches Ausrufezeichen gegen Rechts, Nationalismus und Rassismus.
Die Split-Single „United Worldwide“ erscheint auf Audiolith Records mit support von KOB Records, Voice Of The Streets Records, True Rebel Store und Lonsdale.de.

Es gibt ausschließlich neues Material der Bands aus Rostock, Verona und Moskau. LOS FASTIDIOS servieren mit "OI! Around the world" ein Hey-Ho-Let's-go-Come-on-Feeling im kollektiven Schunkel-Rhythmus. MDB erinnern mit "One for the Ski Mask" an die Moscow Red and Anarchist Skinheads, die im Kampf gegen die Boneheads und die menschenverachtende Ideologie Todesopfer beklagen. Feine Sahne Fischfilet ziehen gegen Scheinheiligkeit und Heuchelei in den Krieg ("Seid ihr sicher ohne Zweifel?") und WWF sichern in gewohnter Dampfwalzenmanier den antifaschistischen Schutzwall.
Der Erlös der Benefiz-Splitsingle kommt den Familien, Hinterbliebenen der von russischen Neo-Nazis ermordeten Antifaschisten Konstantin Lunkin, Fedor Filatov und Ivan Khurtoskoi zugute und kann hier im audiolith-Shop bestellt werden.

Hintergrund-Infos zu den ermordeten Antifaschisten:

Ivan “Kostolom” Khutorskoy
(17.02.83 - 16.11.09)
was an informal leader of Moscow Red and Anarchist Skinheads. As a young punk rocker he decided to stand up against the Neo-Nazis, terrorizing Moscow subcultural scene of 00’s. He and few of his friends became some of the fifirst people who opposed Nazi control and started to kick the boneheads out of punk and hardcore shows. Soon Ivan’s example was followed by many young kids, ready to fight against fascist thugs, and Russian militant Antifa scene started to grow. During all his life Ivan was deeply involved in the struggle, providing security for punk/hc gigs and left-wing demonstrations, defending minorities and organizing martial arts trainings. It’s no surprise that Neo-Nazis saw him as their sworn enemy and were attempting to kill him several times. One of the attacks almost left Ivan severely disabled but his strong will helped him come back to normal life and activism. Unfortunately in November of 2009 he was shot dead at the doorway of his own home. His killer, 28-year-old Neo-Nazi Alexey Korshunov, would accidentally blow himself up with his own grenade in Ukraine two years later.

Konstantin Lunkin
(23.05.85 - 31.05.10)
was a punk rocker, graffiti writer, an Antifascist and a social activist from Ryazan - a city with a serious Neo-Nazi scene. Despite the fact that local Nazis knew his address, Kostya never concealed his views - he was making Antifa graffiti, helped organizing shows and took part in Antifascist activities both in Ryazan and in other cities. On 23 May 2010 he was attacked by a gang of Nazis near his home and beaten to death by bricks. On May 30 he died in the hospital.

Fyodor “Fedjay” Filatov
(02.04.81 - 10.10.08)
was one of those who stood at the roots of Moscow Trojan Skinheads - a community of S.H.A.R.P. skinheads from Russia’s capital. He did a lot for the development of Russian Antifascist skinhead scene. Sometimes criticized for being “too violent” he was a true fighter and a great friend - always on the frontlines, always ready to get into another fight with Neo-Nazi thugs, even if the odds were stacked against him. A worker at the factory he was always ready to spend his last money to help a comrade in need. Nazis were afraid of him and hated him. In the morning of October 10, 2008 Fyodor was ambushed by a group of people while leaving his home. He received numerous knife wounds and died in the hospital.

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