LOWEST CREATURE - Misery unfolds


Swedish crosssover thrash hardcore punks LOWEST CREATURE are back with a new release called ‘Misery Unfolds’, featuring 3 tracks of blistering thrash fuelled hardcore...

Recorded in June 2017 and originally released as "Promo 2017" on cassette, these tracks have been given a new lease of life for their first pressing on vinyl. Remixed by Fred Hunger (Fvck Life Studios) and mastered by Brad Boatright (Audiosiege), the songs are now sounding stronger than ever. The 7" also features new artwork which provides a glimpse into their zealous live performance.

Possessing a neck snapping metal sound akin to Slayer and The Icemen, the band also appeals to fans of Iron Age and Integrity. Combing an aggressive 80s thrash sound with the sheer pounding power of hardcore, they use their finely crafted songwriting together with their lyrical content to portray a dismal and unforgiving world. Since their inception in December 2013, the band have notched up several physical releases and have made their presence known by touring many times across mainland Europe as well as taking their robust live show across to the UK. Having graced stages with bands from both ends of their spectrum of influence such as No Turning Back and Power Trip, they have shown that they can inhabit and thrive on either side of the metal/hardcore world. They will be building on this further with a summer tour in July 2018.

If these tracks whet your appetite and leave you geared up for more, you'll be please to know that the band are currently writing their debut full length which is to be recorded this Summer and released winter 2019, also through Isolation Records.

“Misery Unfolds” will be available as limited vinyl 7” and digitally via Isolation Rec. on July 6th. Pre-orders are now available via Evil Greed (Europe) and Deathwish Inc. (North America).