PLAGUE WALKER - Para mis enemigos


US screamo outfit Plague Walker has a new album out. Para Mis Enemigos is an incredible 16 tracks screamo beast, created by Coma Regalia's Shawn Decker, Lord Snow's Steph Maldonado and singer Anai Sigala. The album is out now digitally, a vinyl release follows in the end of May.

Shawn Decker has been a steady force in the DIY screamo league for years, especially known for his band Coma Regalia, the masters of split records which keep on releasing passionate music each year. Back in 2015 Shawn and his friends Anai Sigala and Steph Maldonado (also plays in Lord Snow) formed Plague Walker. After two EPs outputs "Para Mis Enemigos" is the band's debut full-length which is more than a solid screamo rager, fiercely speeding its way through 16 raw and emotional songs.

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