DZTN 1980 - War Of Good Intentions

Dustin Herron
Dustin Herron

"DZTN 1980" is the strangely-named solo project of former ABOLITIONIST frontman, Dustin Herron. Focused on exploring music with a wider perspective than previously performed in that Oregon punk band, Dustin aims to expand the range of his musical output over the next several years.

He's got a new computer, DAW, and interface, and arguably too much free time, so the sky's the limit. In addition to the debut (only electric guitar, a la Billy Bragg) album, 'Outside The City,' and the latest home-recorded project (post-punk/synthwave, in the vein of New Order & Gary Numan), 'War of Good Intentions '(both available on limited-run cassette), expect at least one (or three?) more releases before 2020 is mercifully over with...

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