Covers 7” EP

Hailing from Nijmegen in the Netherlands, Antillectual play a socially conscious, melodic blend of punk rock, that incorporates influences from every sub-genre of the scene to create something new and different that blends stolen riffs and borrowed song titles but doesn’t sound like anything, or anyone else, you’ve ever heard. They play Antillectual music.

Except this time, on the Covers EP Antillectual do sound like other bands, albeit in their own, inimitable fashion. They sound like the Police, the Stooges, Blondie and the Ramones. Or rather they sound like those bands would have done if they’d been channelled through this fiercely independent Dutch punk rock trio.
 You may think you’ve heard these four songs before. You might even think that you know these songs. But you’d be wrong on both counts. Because you haven’t heard these songs unyou’ve heard Antillectual tear through, and turbo charge, them.