OI POLLOI - Donald Trump-Fuck You! now released on digital streaming services

The Scotland-based Anarcho-Crust/Punk legends OI POLLOI have already expressed their opinion about the current US president in 2017 with the 7" vinyl EP "Donald Trump-Fuck You!" and the song of the same name, which was released on Urinal Records. In 2020 the songs of the EP were released together with the songs of the "Blame It On The System" 10" vinyl on the "100% Antifascist Streetcrust" CD (Fire and Flames Music and MassProd). To make a small contribution to the ongoing US election campaign, "Donald Trump-Fuck You!" was released on September 18th 2020 on all digital streaming services in the hope of making the message accessible to a wider audience.

On the occasion of the digital release Oi Polloi have written the following statement:

"We all saw the swastika flag carrying neo-nazis in Charlottesville chanting “Jews will not replace us!” - only for Trump to refer to them as “very fine people”. We listened, nauseated, at his use of vile antisemitic tropes as he derided American Jews who voted Democrat for being “disloyal” to “your country” of Israel and characterised them, sickeningly, as greedy money-obsessed wealth hoarders. We watched as his brutal ICE goons tore families apart and refugee children separated from their parents were left caged and dying of disease in over-crowded border camps. We heard his casual misogyny and the accusations of rape and sexual assault, his demands for punishment of women choosing abortion and control over their own reproductive rights. We witnessed him set militarised federal agents loose to terrorise American cities and seize peaceful protesters off the streets, bundling them into unmarked vehicles as we waited in vain for him to condemn the murderous right-wing vigilantes gunning down unarmed Black Lives Matter demonstrators. All the while the stench of nepotistic corruption filled our nostrils and now the narcissistic man-child sits atop an ever-growing pile of more than 200,000 US COVID dead, victims of his own selfish indifference, greed and incompetence. He has sown division and hate throughout the country to the point where it now seems to be teetering on the verge of civil war. At the same time he has embarked on a cruel spree of wanton environmental vandalism, opening up national parks for drilling and mineral extraction and stripping pollution safeguards from vital drinking water supplies. As the smoke from the countless wildfires raging across the United States destroying millions of acres of forest and forcing hundreds of thousands to flee their homes now reaches Europe, the crazed climate breakdown denier-in-chief refuses to act and, in the face of all scientific evidence, assures us that “it will get cooler, just you watch”. The planet can’t afford a second term.

Stream the song:

Make no mistake though, if Trump wins again or succeeds in refusing to relinquish power, it won’t just be a second term. He has already indicated he plans to go full Putin and change the US constitution to allow him to continue as President for a third term - or even longer. We’ve seen enough. It stops here. This one is for all our comrades in the US fighting to remove Trump once and for all - and for all those all across the globe fighting against right-wing populist demagogues wherever they may be. Solidarity from Europe. DONALD TRUMP - FUCK YOU!" (OI POLLOI)